Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Years ago I was working for a Vietnamese man whose very nature precluded him from ever “getting” me, which was fine and of course irrelevant.

One thing I loved about him though, was what I could only guess was something he’d been saying his whole life, a phrase so common to him that he didn’t even hear himself say it any more, and that was probably only a word or two in his native language –

Every conversation with him opened with him saying, “This is what I want.”

Not a sentence though, more of a single word, spoken fast, run together, and although he did actually mean it, it was clear he was saying it reflexively, not intentionally. And yet he meant every word.

I immediately loved it – he was casting a spell – preparing the ground so his words would take root and he would get what he wanted. Clueless as he was to this (or not), I picked up on it and took it as a valuable lesson. I say it often, and I have to say it really does clear the decks and increase the chance that what I say after will actually come to pass. People want to please you; but more than that if they hear your intentions they are compelled to give you what you ask for.

Years later, at the Church of Satan’s infamous 6-6-06 Black Mass, I heard a new and flashy (replete with fire) variation on the old spell:

Rex Church ended each of his spells by shouting, “Such is my decree!”

Didn’t take me long to adopt that one either. Much more dramatic, but it’s the same principle - and it works.

I’m no hippie, but I expect positive results in this life and I consistently get them. Announcing my intentions and placing my concise order with the Universe dramatically increases my success rate.

Be specific. Ask for what you want, then watch as you get it. Be sure to acknowledge your spell – that you cast it and that it worked. The Universe wants to feel appreciated too.

You might also prick up your ears to what others ask for and think about delivering that once in a while. (It’s a two-way street you know.)

So what the heck – it’s a new year and a new decade.

Lay it out and get cracking.

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  1. Ok, I have never read a black mass blog entry about 6-6-06. Intentions I am in agreement with you on. The only connection I have with 666 is the Iron Maiden song. Being clear on intentions I agree is very powerful. I stumbled onto your blog.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey - aka mr 777? or 888?