Sunday, December 6, 2009

2nd Iced Borscht post is up -

If you're too lazy to read it on Iced Borscht, here's the 12/4/09 post:

Okay, I am officially, once and for all, LAYING IT DOWN:

When the cell phone craps out (and we all know that’s not an IF), the

person who Made The Initial Call is the one to call back.

I’m sick to death of that frantic who’s re-calling whom, all of which

only ends with overall cellular lockout, eight voicemails, and both

parties forgetting why they were even talking in the first place.

Are we together on this? Can we agree that everybody remains calm, and

that the Call-ER re-places the call, not the Call-EE?

Thank you. To be implemented and shared immediately.

(a flourish)


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