Thursday, December 3, 2009

It’s a Borscht-In!

So I've been invited to guest-blog at

for the month of December!

First let me say how honored and thrilled I am to be included in such a prestigious yet non-gastronomical event.

Yes, I’m afraid no borscht will be served. At least not by me.

That said, and by way of introduction, I’ll clue you in on my overall theme: that this is The Year Everything Changes - and summarize the words of a fellow I met this year.

He claims the ability to “read” people, and after a few short minutes of deep, silent staring and a bit of throat-clearing, he said he’d got me entirely figured out.

“You’re the Trickster God, aren’t you,” he said. “You just want to show the whole world the joke.”

And you know what? He’s right. He was probably just trying to get into my pants, but he was actually right. My deal, if I have one, is certainly to point things out, or at very least to express them in ways you never saw them before.

So get ready. December is just begun and I’ve got the proverbial Good News and Bad News: this horrible fantastic surprising relentless eff’d up awesome year ain’t over yet.

Catch me spouting the provocative and the insane, pretty much weekly, on The Filter:

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