Sunday, December 7, 2014

For all you head-scratchers out there

Been following my Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr? Wondering what I've been up to this weekend? What's the big idea behind the whole so-called purge?

Well, I'll tell you.

For the past five years I have been keeping the coopstuff site online in an attempt to sell off the inventory I had on hand when Cooper and I split in 2009. The truth is nobody wants this shit. No matter how far I mark things down – and this includes well below my cost – nothing is moving, and my excuse to keep things going for even the nominal income it brought – well, I'm pretty sure this year hasn't even brought in the $1000 it cost me to have it hauled away.

Keeping the site up only perpetuates the illusion that any of it has any value. It doesn't. I couldn't be more clear on that, and I hope now you are too.

The comments that I'm "throwing away money" are based in that illusion and completely unfounded, because it isn't money. It's garbage. I was unable to get rid of it any other way (and believe me, I tried).

I've never been vocal about these private details, because frankly it's no one's business but my own.

Until my book comes out….