Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009: The Year That Eats People.

2009: The Year That Eats People.

That’s what my friend Joe calls it, and from what I’ve seen this year, he’s not wrong.

So much loss, so many people dead. So much change, and yet so much opportunity.

I was calling it “The Year Everything Changes” until I met Joe about mid-way through it, when he told me this was our last chance to get all our crap wrapped up and into the dumpster, because everything we don’t get rid of this year is going to hang around and pollute the whole next decade.

Yeah, I’ll buy that. We all may have different names for it, but we’re all feeling the same thing.

Inside of a year I went broke, had to redefine myself as an individual, not part of a long-term and very public marriage, had major surgery, and am still facilitating the end of life for probably the best cat ever to grace planet earth. I lost friends and watched other friends lose their parents.

The scary shit’s far from over, and yeah, you’ve just got to keep your head down and power through it sometimes. But you also have to pick your head up and open your eyes, because the world is still out there world-ing, whether you’re participating in it or not.

And in the midst of all the shit – and believe me I’m the last guy to tell you it’s not shit – there’s still an overwhelming beauty out there.

How many truly great people did I meet this year? Joe, Agatha, Nan, Mark, Steffie, Peter, Marc, Mike – and that’s just a short list. There are a lot more, and a lot more to come. Plus I was reminded of who my friends are, and how incredibly deep their love and support extends.

If you’re alive and reading this in 2009 chances are you’re having troubles of your own.

Reach out. Then allow yourself to be fished for – even if it’s only catch and release.

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