Friday, June 11, 2010


Unfortunately we shall never see tonight's Filter episode.

One if the topics was that girl presently lost at sea. I said
something like, "Yeah sure you want to assert your independence, But
now we're expected to come save your sorry ass when you get into
trouble." Or something like that.

For sure I said, "come save your sorry ass."

"A touch insensitive," they said. They would have preferred I focus my
criticism on the parents.

I did criticize the parents, but they (show producers) thought I was
too harsh.

Truth is this kind of showboating IS an act if hubris (which I also
said on-air). It's stupid and dangerous for anyone of any age or
gender to try it. That's kind of the point.

(I Would like to know why her age and/or gender play a role in what's
appropriate to say and what's not.)

And of course if she'd been successful (like her brother and many
others before her) everyone would applaud and no one would ever have
the nerve to question the wisdom of any of it.

I said I felt bad and of course hope for her safe return (which of
course I do), but this was a bad idea She knew the risk and took it

Life lesson was Supposed to be about taking responsibility!

Oh well.

I feel bad, not about my opinions, but because a lot of people work
hard on that show and this one got scrapped because of me.

For that I'm truly sorry.


Abby is located and safe.

Now can we talk about why this is dangerous and stupid, for ANYONE to have attempted?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beachy Mood / Moody Beach

Hoping you don't have to have a Flickr account to view this -

(my little photo set)

My momentary mental health break at the beach.

Irony Department:

This would prove one of the most stressful and eventful days of my life.

No idea any of it was going on while I was at the beach....

June Gloom