Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Filter - Tax Day Edition (in which we didn't talk about Tax Day)

In case you didn't know, episodes of The Filter almost always cover four topics.

Today was a slow news day, but we still managed to get so hot under the collar about our first three topics that we ran long and never made it to the fourth, which was supposed to be the Tea Party phenomenon, and whether these guys were helping or hurting the Republican Party.

No matter, the first three were enough.

So come with me now, on a journey through Time and Space - oh wait, that's something completely else.

This is the April 15th episode of The Filter, broken into two segments as usual. And I even figured out how to embed them so you can watch from here!

Part One, in which I admit I am A JEW!

and Part Two, in which Charlotte and I debate return shipping policies on human beings (I'm against it).

(my what a lovely screen shot you harvested, Jared....)

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