Monday, March 22, 2010

Just wrapped another episode of The Filter

Check me out, with my new lighting array, ready to go live with tonight's episode of The Filter.

I was on with Megan Barth, who was a lot of fun. I always feel bad when I don't disagree with the people they schedule me against, but I think we manage to make things interesting even without disagreements.

Tonight topics:

(duh) the new Obabmacare debacle,

Deborah Pauly saying "applauding Healthcare is like applauding rape,"

The unfortunate shooting of a disabled man by LAPD (surprise - I'm on the cops' side - again) and

Rancho Cucamonga (a place I only know about because of Bugs Bunny) has yet another rally against amnesty for illegal aliens.

Technical demons were at play, but here are the Youtube links:

Part One and

Part Two

Also, The Filter will be on NBC on Sunday nights at 11:30pm, featuring the
highlight moments of the week's shows.

Sure hope I make it in!

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